Product release - December 2022




New offline mobile app - Open Beta

We’re happy to announce that the offline version of our mobile application is ready to be tested! The ability to work offline will be especially useful for users in the mining, gas, and energy sectors, and anyone who has to meet with stakeholders in remote areas. It will also be great for professionals who travel a lot and who sometimes have limited internet access.

With offline mode, you’ll be able to enter details of your communications with stakeholders, even when you don’t have access to the Internet. The information will automatically synchronize with Borealis as soon as you connect to a network.

As a Borealis superuser or administrator, you can contact us ( and ask for your team to be part of the beta.


Accessibility and dark mode

Accessible web content promotes inclusion and diversity, allowing everyone to participate equally on the web. The need for greater accessibility is felt in all sectors.

To respond to this growing demand, Borealis has made a lot of improvement using the WCAG guideline targeting compliance with level AA.

  • New High contrast theme and Dark theme. You can change your theme in your preferences.
  • Borealis web interface is compatible with screen readers  like the Google Screen Reader .
  • All record pages, creation pages and list pages can be used using the keyboard only.
  • We also offer a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used by keyboard ninjas as well! Take a look at the list of shortcuts, we add new ones once in a while!


Add organizations to smart communications

In order to help you communicate more quickly and efficiently with your stakeholders, we’ve made it possible to add Organizations to a distribution list, or include them as recipients in a Smart communication. 

This will allow you to contact all of your stakeholders - individuals and organizations - with a single email. This will be very useful when, for example, you want to send a communication to a company, but you haven’t identified a specific contact at the organization.


Other improvements

Stakeholder engagement

  • It is now possible to add references to a document management system (hyperlinks) or to upload documents when creating a Communication, an Issue or an Engagement plan.
  • Commitments: It is now possible to enter the time the commitment was made. 
  • Issues: The Convert to grievance and Create as grievance actions have been merged into a single action named Create as grievance with an option to keep the issue record or to delete it. 
  • Stakeholder assessment: It is now possible to create a calculated axis that automatically sums the results of a set of manual axes.


  • When passing a communication from planned to recorded, it is now possible to enter a summary and subject categories.
  • New action Link to commitment, making it easier to link multiple communications to a commitment at once.
  • New action Link to engagement plan, making it easier to link multiple communications to an engagement plan at once.
  • New field in Analytics named Last of their thread. It allows finding the communications that do not have a followup in the same thread.
  • New field in Analytics named Creation user is participant. It identifies communications that were created by a user who was not part of the communication.

Engagement plans

  • It is now possible to add stakeholders to an engagement plan from the Stakeholder status section.
  • It is now possible to mark an Engagement plan as On hold.
  • When creating new communications from activity tasks, the fields area prepopulated for a very quick communication creation.


  • Multiple locations can now be selected when creating an Issue.

Mobile application

  • It is now possible to send Borealis SMS (when the SMS feature is active) from the mobile app.
  • Scanning a business card will now be much better at identifying the data in different languages.

SMS feature

  • It is now possible to configure more than one phone number to send and receive SMS messages from. Please contact us for more details.
  • It is now possible to send Borealis SMS (when the SMS feature is active) from the mobile app.

Users and settings

  • Superusers can now set up the Default dashboards for all the new users joining the system.
  • It is now possible to configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) directly in Borealis.
  • It is now possible to configure SAML directly in Borealis.

Social investment

  • It is now possible to link Capacity building activities to an Engagement plan.

Land management

  • Heritage sites - It is now possible to link an email to a Heritage site in the Outlook add-in and Gmail add-on.
  • It is now possible to link Company assets with Compliance documents from the Compliance management module
  • New profile LA - Land management - Data entry that allows creating and updating data, but not full access to the settings of the module.
    The profile LA - Land management has been renamed to LA - Land management - Administrator to make it clear what it does.

Land access

  • Six new Excel import templates are now available. Most of the Impact inventory data can now be imported using Excel templates
    • Impact inventories
    • Crops
    • Structures
    • Trees
    • Parcels
    • Other assets
  • It is now possible to view the linked Compensation files and Payment campaigns from a Household record.

Compliance management

  • Inspections - It is now possible to send an email notification when the assignee to an inspections is changed.
  • It is now possible to link Compliance documents with Company assets from the Land management module.
  • Conditions - It is now possible to set up email notifications to be set to the responsible person or the person in charge of the Responsible department.
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