Mobile Offline - How to activate Beta users

Since December 2022, it is now possible to take part in the Beta testing phase of the offline version of the Borealis Mobile application. Here is how to do that!


Overview of the offline capabilities

First a little details on the offline capabilities of the mobile application. The objective of the offline version of the Borealis mobile application is simple. It is meant to allow users to enter the details of their communications with stakeholders when they are too far out to get a reliable internet connection.

When offline, you can create your communications and save them, and they will be sent to Borealis when you are back online.

How to take part in the Beta

1. Contact Borealis

As a Borealis superuser or administrator, you can contact Borealis ( and ask for your team to be part of the beta. We will organize a meeting with you to explain the type of feedback we are looking for and then activate it for your organization.

2. As a superuser - grant access to users

The user that would like to test the functionality must be granted the right access. Here is how to do this.

  1. In the Navigation menu, go to Users > Users.
  2. Search for the user.
  3. Click on the Edit icon In the Access section.
  4. Add the Mobile - Offline profile and save. This profile activates the Offline portion of the mobile application for the user.

3. As a user - activate the offline feature

Once the user has been granted access, they need to activate it on their phone. This process and how to use the features are described in this article.


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