Import a Stakeholder from a Business Card

When you have the Borealis ProPack activated, you have the option to import/export stakeholders through vCard.  When sharing contacts on Android and iPhone, it creates a vCard in the email.  So, by sending that email to Borealis mail handler, it will automatically creates the individual and organisation records in the system and the location will show your new stakeholders on the map.  Great, isn't it?!

Here are the steps involved to accomplish this:

  1. Scan the card with the mobile application by taking a picture (Ex. Camcard)
  2. Validate the scanned information
  3. Save the information in your mobile contacts
  4. Share the vCard contacts through an email to Borealis mail handler (see BCC the application)

You can also attach numerous vCard to the same email to Borealis application, they will all be processed at once.

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