Community Contributions (register)

Unplanned, punctual monetary and/or material contribution requests from the community such as: grants, donations, bursaries, ad-hoc assistance and material support.

Strategic Community Investments (register)

Larger scale, planned community development projects developed in collaboration with communities, such as infrastructure, social and economic development projects, that require an active involvement of the business in the management of the project activities.

Beneficiaries (table)

Stakeholders that are intended to directly benefit from the contribution.

Target groups (table)

Groups of unformally identified stakeholders that are intended to directly benefit from the contribution.

Investment planning table - Main area (field)

Indicates which Strategic area of investment/ investment plan combination the contribution is to be mainly associated to.

Community Contribution – Contribution context (field)
“Summary of the request, including justification and expected results.”


High-level project achievements if successful. (E.g: Improved business management skills; Enhanced school infrastructure; Reduction in malaria cases)

Major Activities

Significant activities to be undertaken. (E.g: Project management;  Delivery of training to entrepreneurs; Construction of new primary school; etc.)


Action or event indicating completion of a major activity. (E.g: Project approved by Mine Manager, Contract signed with contractor, etc. )

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