Pro Pack

Borealis Pro Pack offers extended functionalities in order to get the best out of your application and your data.

It provides greater freedom to manage your business:

  • Receive reports by email without having to log in
  • Be notified when somebody adds/modifies data
  • Improve speed of execution by batch actions
  • More options to customize your data and application

Custom Analytics

Add, duplicate and make modifications to the widgets and reports/dashboards in Analytics.

Example: Create a custom report for communications.



Calendar integration in Analytics

Create calendar type widgets and add them your custom dashboards in Analytics. Visualize your Boréalis shared calendars directly in Outlook, or any other calendar by clicking on Export Ical.



Scheduled reports

Scheduled at the frequency of your choice the reception of reports directly into your mailbox. You can add more than one recipient and set subject and body of the message.


Once a report is scheduled to be send, a number will appear next to the Clock button.


Fields configuration

Custom fields let you choose what to display in the app. It allows users to hide / display fields in forms.

Don’t need a field at all? Simply remove it from your interface. This feature has two levels: you can edit the interface of the whole app, or just your own.


VCard import and export

Import or export vCards for all Individuals and Organizations. Import vCards via the interface or by email - See article about Creating communications from email for more information.


Example: Import Outlook contacts into the Boréalis Application, and vice versa.

Shapefile import

Import custom / personalized layers of geo-referenced data to the map in the Boréalis Application. Allows users to import shapefiles into the system through the infrastructure form and to see them on the map.

Example: Layer for railroads, oil wells or specific territory.


Batch actions and edition

Select multiple records at a time to make batch actions in most of the forms of the Stakeholder engagement module. It allows you to update or add information quickly to a batch of records.


Example of batch actions: Change Title, add a Relationship Manager, Location, Language, etc. directly from a list.


Custom notifications

Set up your own notification rules. Without the pro pack, you can only activate the notifications provided by default.

Example: Receive an email notification every time a task is completed.


Multilanguage interface (EN, FR and ES)

Access the full multilanguage interface of the Boréalis Application: English, French and Spanish. The app can also be translated into your chosen language upon request, at a predetermined cost.

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