Create and Edit a Monitoring Program

The monitoring program section is used to monitor the quality and historical values of various parameters or species.
1) Create a new Monitoring Program in Monitoring & Evaluation module - Setup - Monitoring programs and click on the Add button.
2) Choose a program type which defines how to enter the program's data
  • Type Environment for Samples data
  • Type Stakeholder survey for Surveys data
  • Type Biodiversity for Activities data
  • Type Compliance management for Inspections data

3) Choose an alert management

  • Single alert for a sample: Receive an alert for each sample with at least one result out of range
  • Individual alert for each result: Receive an alert for each result out of range

4) Click "Save and view" to access the new record


The fields completed here will be part of the "General Information" tab.

Updating information

Every section in the record has an available Edit button that allows to modify and update the information previously recorded.

Information in the "Monitoring stations" and "Standards" tabs cannot be edited from the Monitoring Program, but only in their affiliated record.


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