Corporate superuser VS Site superuser

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With the Corporate package come two levels of superusers: Corporate superusuer and Site superuser. Below is the comparison between both:


Corporate superuser

Site superuser

View data of all sites by selecting “All sites”

View, edit, create and delete data for a site

Filter information either by sites and/or projects

Filter information by projects for a site

View, create and edit dashboards

View, create, edit and delete dashboards for a site

Manage selection lists:

  • Choose which lists and values are corporate and which ones are site specific
  • Modify site values and select to which sites they apply
  • Merge value at both the corporate and site levels

Manage selection lists:

  • View corporate values
  • View and modify values that are specific to a site
  • Merge values that are specific to a site


Manage all staff members and their information

Manage staff members of a site and their information

Manage all users and their access

Manage users of a site and their access


Site superuser

A site superuser is allowed to modify selection lists in the Data dictionaries register that are not marked as Corporate.




For corporate lists, a site superuser only have access to view data available to his own site. That means that if a corporate list has values that are not linked to a site (see first image below), a site superuser will not see these values (see second image below).




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