Corporate superusers vs. Site superusers

The Corporate View Add-on comes with two levels of superusers: Corporate superusers and Site superusers. Here is a comparison between the two:


Corporate superuser

Site superuser

  • View data of all sites by selecting “All sites” in the top right corner next to your username;
  • View, edit, create and delete data for a site;
  • Filter information either by sites and/or projects;
  • Filter information by projects for a site;
  • View, create, edit and delete dashboards;
  • View, create, edit and delete dashboards for a site;
  • Manage selection lists:
      • Choose which lists and values are corporate and which ones are site specific;
      • Modify site values and select to which sites they apply;
      • Merge value at both the corporate and site levels.
  • Manage selection lists:
      • View corporate values;
      • View and modify values that are specific to a site;
      • Merge values that are specific to a site.
  • Configure specific fields to be visible, invisible or mandatory in records' view for all sites;
  • Configure specific fields to be visible, invisible or mandatory for a site. Cannot override decisions made at the Corporate level;

  • Manage all lists of staff members and their information;
  • Manage staff members of a site and their information;
  • Manage all users and their access.
  • Manage users of a site and their access.




Site superuser

A site superuser can modify selection lists in the "Data dictionaries" register that are not marked as Corporate.

For corporate lists, a site superuser only have access to read-only data available to his own site. In other words, if a corporate list has values that are not associated to a site, a superuser will not see these values.


Corporate superuser

A corporate superuser can access all information from all sites. They can modify all selection lists and their values in the Data dictionaries register. They can also identify to which sites they apply. Moreover, they can merge values at both corporate and site levels.

For example, if a corporate value is merged to a non-corporate one or vice-versa, the result will always be a corporate value. Site – Superusers can only merge values that are specific to a site.


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