Introducing the New Borealis dashboard and main menu

 As of September 2017, you’ll notice a new interface when logging into the Boréalis Application:

  • A new homepage, with integrated dashboards, and access to your recent activities.
  • A new side-bar menu, on the left-side of the application. Simpler icons help you easily navigate from module to module, features and settings.


The new homepage

Welcome to your new homepage, featuring your favourite dashboards, your recent activity and more! Add as many dashboards as you'd like to your homepage, simply use the Add new dashboard option in the top right corner of the page.


The side-bar menu

Simplified navigation thanks to a side-bar menu with icons that let you navigate to modules and records. Your sidebar may include fewer icons depending on the modules your organizations is using. There are 5 sections: home, quick links, modules, major features, and configuration.


Home, quick links and modules

When clicking on modules’ icons, you’ll access the same list with access to your various registers, while the quick links icon provides access to your favorites and the home icon brings you back to your homepage.






Quick links (Favorites)


Stakeholder Engagement


Land Access


Environmental Monitoring/Monitoring & Evaluation


Social Investment


Local Employment


Local Business Development

social_base_2x.png Social Baseline
compliance_2x.png Compliance Management


If you wish to keep the navigation panel open while consulting records, simply pin it using the pin icon in the top left corner of the list. Example of the list for the Stakeholder Engagement module:


Major features

This section offers direct access to the application's major features, including Analytics, map, activities, and tasks.

Icon Features
activity_2x.png Activity
tasks_2x.png Tasks
map_2x.png Map
analytics_2x.png Analytics


Access your application and profiles settings here.

Icon Settings
configuration_2x.png Configuration
profiles_2x.png Profiles
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