Clear your cache - Internet Explorer 9

Sometimes, in order to completely refresh your web browser, it is important to clear your cache. This will force your web browser to download a fresh new version of the pages you are consulting, and more often than not, it helps a lot.

So, here is how to clear your cache on the web browser Internet Explorer 9:


  1. Click on your Settings button, on the right side of your Homepage and next to your Bookmark button. Then, click on Safety, and click Delete browsing history:
    • Borealis_IE9_Clearyourcache_Step1.png
  2. Check the following checkboxes:
    • Preserve Favorites website data
    • Temporary Internet files
    • Cookies
    • Form data
    • InPrivate Filtering data
    • Borealis_IE9_Clearyourcache_Step2.png
  3. Click on Delete to finish clearing your cache.
    • Borealis_IE9_Clearyourcache_Step3.png


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