Schedule an automated sending of a Report

Once a report is created in Analytics, you have the option to create pre-defined schedules to send the report to Borealis users.


Setup a scheduled report

Access the report you wish to schedule and click on the clock icon in the top right corner.

Click "Create" to add a new schedule. Note that you can add as many scheduled send-out as you need with different sets of users, including, for example, a personalised email for each schedules.

Choose a name for your scheduled report

Choose a representative name for the scheduled Report (e.g.: "Monthly Issue Report").

Note that this name is not the email subject that users will receive but a way to classify the scheduled reports programmed for the report.

Confirm the sending frequency and time of delivery

Define the frequency of the report send-out. Both a quantity and a unit must be registered.

For example, if you wish to send a report once a week, indicate "1" in the "Qty" field and "Week" in the "Unit" field, than choose the day of the week the report should be sent on.

Indicate the time of day the report should be sent-out.

Note that the time is defined by the timezone of the user creating the schedule.

Borealis_Analytics_Report_ScheduledReport_Frequency_5-35.pngCustomize the email associated with your scheduled report

The "Recipients", "Subject" dans "Body" fields are directly associated with the email that will be send to targeted users. The "Subject" will be the subject (title) of the email and the "body" is the content of the email.



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