Send a Report Automatically

Once a report is created in Analytics, you have the option to create pre-defined schedules to send out the report to a pre-defined list of Borealis users.

  1. Access the report you need to send and click on the clock icon in the top right corner. 
  2. Fill-out the parameters of the Scheduled report:
    1. Add: Click here to add a new schedule. Note that you can add as many scheduled send-out as you need with different sets of users. 
    2. Name: Choose a representative name for the Report (I.e: Monthly Issue Report).
    3. Frequency: Define the frequency of the report send-out. Both a quantity and a unit must be registered. For example, if you wish to send a report once a week, indicate "1" in the "Qty" field and "Week" in the "Unit" field. Then choose the dates that the report should be sent out on. 
    4. Time of Delivery: Indicate the time of day the report should be sent-out (Note that the time is indicated in your timezone).



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