Setup a Schedule to Send a Report Automatically

Required profiles: Analytics user or superuser

Reports allow you to view and share information to better leverage the data in the Borealis application. To improve the process of sharing information, after a report is created, you have the option to define intervals at which point, the scheduled report will be sent to Borealis users.

Setup a scheduled report

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of the Analytics feature.
  2. Select and open the report for which you want to create a schedule.
  3. Click on the Scheduled reports icon in the upper right hand corner of the report information window.
  4. In the Scheduled reports window, click on the + Create button.
  5. Fill in the information in Add - Automatic report window.
    • Frequency defines the unit (measurement of time to create the base interval) and quantity (of time between sent reports) for sending the report (e.g., Unit of "Day" and a Quantity of 2 means that a report will be sent every 2 days)
    • Time of delivery defines the time at which the report will be sent and received. The time is defined by the timezone of the user creating the schedule.
    • Sender identifies who scheduled and sent the report.
    • Output type - General Report: This option generates a general report that each recipient will receive. The report is sent as viewed by the sender and ignores the access permissions of the recipients.
    • Output type - Personalized Report: This option generates a personalized report for each recipient that is adapted to their specific user and profile. Access permissions of each recipient is taken into account and any report filters set to "Current user" uses the recipient as its value.
  6. Click the Save button.

Once completed, the scheduled report information will be displayed in the Scheduled reports window.





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