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Throughout any process, you have the possibility to create different tasks and assign them in order to better monitor and manage every activity. Each task created belongs to a unique feature in the system (i.e: if we need to take a specific action related to an Inspection in the Monitoring & Evaluation module, we can add a task within the said inspection to make sure this task is assigned and gets done)

When you open a record (communications, inspection, etc.), you will see the Tasks line at the bottom of the record menu on the left.

By clicking at the "+" icon that appears when your cursor is over the Tasks line you will be able to create a task. 


Here is a breakdown of the fields you can fill-out in this form:

Title: Provide a representative title for the task.

Assigned to: Who will be the person performing the task.

Description: This field is meant to give more details to the person the task will be assigned to. This field should contain any additional information that is necessary to the completion of the task. 

Priority: It is possible to prioritize the task depending on the importance. The available choices are low, normal or high. 

Accountable person: The person that will oversee the process and completion of the task.

Target date: The date when the task needs to be completed.

Latest start date: The date will help to program and manage the timing.

Projects: If available, it is possible to assign the task to a specific project to ensure team data segregation.

Files: You can also attach any relevant files to the task.






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