Application Release – November 22, 2017


  1. Improved mail handler – Smart forwards create original communication and link all participants
  2. Add external hyperlinks to records
  3. Drag and drop tabs to change order of dashboards in your homepage
  4. Other overall improvements


1. Improved mail handler – Smart forwards create original communication and link all participants

Providing the ability to create communications directly from your email platform without having to log into the app, there is no doubt about the mail handler’s time-saving benefits. But what happens if you forget to include your Email BCC when you send emails? Or if you’d like to forward a stakeholder’s response to the application?

In both cases, simply forward the original email to your Email BCC address, and the application will automatically create communications with the right participants. So, how does it all work? Well, there’s a reason why we call them smart forwards! When you’re sending a forward that has no other recipient than the mail handler (including aliases), the application will read its content and be able to identify: 

  • All participants
  • Subject of original email
  • Original date of communication


In this case, the Boréalis Application will create the communication using the subject of the email, the body, and it will link the three recipients. Should one of them not already be a registered individual, a new record will be created.

2. Add external hyperlinks to records

Are some of the documents that you need to add to records available through a web link, whether it’s a secured PDF, a document in your organization’s DMS (document management system), or even in an external platform that requires user login to view? No problem. Users can now add links to records, in the Documents section. A new “Add file URL” allows users to join the link to their document directly in the record, with the option to add a title. When clicking on the link, users will access a new tab with the document. Please note that if users require to login to access the link, they will need to enter their username and password for the external application in order to access its content. This ensures that private links remain private and only users who should access the information can.


3. Drag and drop tabs to change order of dashboards in your homepage

Changing the order of the dashboards in your homepage is simpler than ever: simply click on the tab to drag and drop each dashboard in the order that you’d like. Plus, the application now remembers the last dashboard you were viewing before navigating to another page. This means that when you click on homepage again, you’ll access the last dashboard consulted.


4. Other overall improvements

Export your Analytics table widgets with the API

Would you like to integrate your Analytics table widgets in other platforms, such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, SAP or any other external software your organization uses? Thanks to the Boréalis API, it’s now all possible to do just that. All you need is to connect APIs together and you’re all set.

Land Access: Add files to closed impact inventories, compensation files and payment campaigns – It’s now possible to close your files and then upload documents: whether eligibility has been completed for an impact inventory, or if a payment campaign or compensation file are closed, you’ll be able to update the agreement document linked to its record. History of all documents is tracked in the records.

Better visual for application emails

System emails (like record creation confirmation or when sharing a stakeholder record, for instance) our users receive from the application just got a makeover. Key information is easier to find.


Excel imports available for Commitments

Do you need to upload several commitments at once? Our Excel importer now lets you import all your commitments using the predefined Excel template.


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