Add a Report to your Homepage Dashboard

In the home page of your Borealis application, you have access to standard and/or custom dashboards.

Standard dashboard

Standard dashboards, created by the system, are automatically on your home page (unless you remove them). Those ones cannot be customized.

They are related to Stakeholder Engagements and communications.

Custom dashboard

You can add as many personalized dashboards into your home page as you would like. This way, you can customize your own home page in order to help you monitor your daily operations.

To add a new dashboard on your homepage:


Select one from the list. You can search for one in particular in the search bar:


Note: A dashboard is basically a report coming from Analytics. Any report in Analytics you have access to can be selected.

If the customized report you want is not on the list, you can always access Analytics reports and create a new one you wish to see on your home page.

Remove them from your dashboard, if you do not wish to see them anymore.


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