Manage Reports on Your Homepage

Your Borealis Homepage lets you add reports, whether custom or system made, directly into it and organize them for quick and intuitive access.

Note that this includes the Welcome! report which you can remove and add back to your homepage as needed.

Add a report to Your Homepage

  1. Navigate to your Homepage.
  2. Click on the in-line Add report button or click the Add report option from the Actions (burger) menu.
  3. Select the report you want to add from the Available reports drop-down list.
    The drop-down list will display all the reports you have access to.
  4. Click the Save button

If the report you are looking for is not listed, go to the Analytics feature and create a new one.

You can also add a report to your homepage through the report itself.

Manage your homepage reports

You can drag and drop reports to reorder them on your homepage for convenient access.

Remove a Report From Your Homepage

  1. Navigate to your Homepage.
  2. Click on the report you want to remove to select it.
  3. Click on the in-line Remove from homepage button or click the Remove from homepage option from the Actions (burger) to remove the report from your homepage.
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