Create an Individual Record

Individuals and Organisations, also referred to as Stakeholders, are one of the pillars of Borealis. They are a base around which you can build your data and track elements such as communications, agreements, organisations, individuals, and many other things. 

Create an Individual Record

  1. Navigate to Individuals in Stakeholder engagement.
  2. Click the + Create button in the upper left corner of the Individuals list page.
  3. In the Create an Individual window, enter your stakeholder information. You need to at least specify information for the mandatory fields but the rest can be filled in later. Keep in mind that the more information you specify, the more accurate your information will be in the system and your data keeping will remain easier.
  4. Click the Save and view button.
    You can use the Alt key of your keyboard to change the button to Save and if you want to create more individuals, you can flag Create another in the lower right corner of the window.

Edit an Individual Record

Whether you need to update or add new information to an individual's record, there are several ways to edit the individual's record.

Verify an Individual Record

To ensure data is up-to-date and facilitate the general data keeping of stakeholder records in borealis, your team can schedule a verification process to take place at a specific frequency and set up notifications as a reminder. This would mean that people would go through stakeholder records and verify the information in their record is still up-to-date and accurate.



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