Mobile Offline (BETA) - How to use it

Required: Mobile Application v.1.17.4 and above. To upgrade to latest version : Borealis - Install Mobile Application


Working in the field to meet with stakeholders brings many benefits for your organization, but it also brings its share of logistical complexity. Even if you work without an internet connection, the Borealis mobile application remains available for entering your engagements using offline mode. When you're back in the office, all you have to do is sync your data so it's available to your entire organization.


Preparing for your first offline experience with the mobile app

You are finally ready for your first offline entry in the field. Well almost! Before you start, it is important to prepare your device well so that all the list data is up to date in your mobile application. This is an essential step since when you use the mobile application in offline mode, you will only be able to create and modify communications, in addition to having limited access to enter individuals and organizations. To download the lists to your device:

  1. Click the List menu and select Settings;
  2. Choose the option Offline mode;
  3. Then, at the very bottom, you will either have the option to Auto-download list values each time you go online, and to Download now. To learn more about the types of synchronization, go to the Synchronize your information section below. Once chosen, click on the option that best suits your situation;
  4. When the sync is complete, a tooltip will notify you and the date of the last update will be adjusted.




Enter your information offline

When your device has no internet access, it will automatically fall into offline mode and a popup will indicate that this mode is in effect. From then on, the options that will be available in your menu will be Communications and Settings. Only records that will be added during your offline session will be available for editing and searching. To add offline communications:

  1. Press the Create button and choose Communications;
  2. Enter your communication information press Create. If you add new stakeholders, they will automatically be associated with the project defined in the communication.

Note that the values ​​available in the selection lists will be those that were downloaded during the preparation of the device described in the section above.

It is possible to delete a communication entered in offline mode. A deleted communication will never be synchronized to your Boréalis system.


Synchronize your information

Once back at the office, your device will have internet access again. You will therefore be able to synchronize the data entered in offline mode to your Boréalis system so that your team can benefit from it. Two types of synchronization are possible: automatic and manual.

  • Auto-send communications to Borealis: Communications will be sent to the server as soon as an internet connection is available.
  • Manual synchronization: Communications will only be synchronized when the Synchronize now action is clicked. Deactivate the Auto-send communications to Borealis option if that is what you want.


When data synchronization is started:

  • A popup will tell you that an internet connection is detected;
  • And another popup will confirm that the synchronization can indeed begin.

Please note, once the communication has been synchronized with the server, it will no longer be available in offline mode. It can therefore be strategic to perform a single manual synchronization following the completion of a field trip in order to keep all the communications entered available in offline mode.


Offline Mode Limitations

Although the offline mode offers a key tool for capturing your engagements with your stakeholders during field trips, this mode has some limitations to be aware of: 

  • It is not possible to upload documents (images, videos or files);
  • Map and address input are not available. However, it is still possible to enter GPS coordinates in your communication.
  • Entering new stakeholders is limited to full name, email and phone.


To know the steps for activating the feature, go to the following documentation.

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