Add a Related Report to a Record

Our Analytics tools are a powerful solution offering a great deal of freedom and options for data analysis and measurements. This comes with complications due to the high amount of options and the freedom to customize how the data is setup. This results is information often being found in different reports.

Related reports are an efficient tool to quickly view the results of key Analytics reports directly from the records you are currently viewing. The results presented in the related report will be directly filtered based on the records being viewed.

Permissions on related reports

Standard user: you can only add or remove reports for yourself. Contact an administrator or superuser to make a report visible to all users by default. 

Superuser: you have the option to make related reports available to your entire organization. Once you have chosen the report to add to the selection list, you will have the option to make it visible to yourself or to everyone. You can also unlink reports from a section if it no longer meets your team's needs.

Prepare an Analytics Report 

  1. Create a report in Analytics.
  2. After the report has been created, you must add a report filter based on the section you want to add the report to (e.g., Engagement Plan).
  3. Set the View Permissions to Public. If the report is private, you will not be able to make it available to everyone.

Link a Report to a record

After preparing the report as per the instructions above, you are now able to add it to the specific record.

  1. Navigate to the record you want to add a related report to (e.g., Engagement plan).
  2. Select Report from the left hand record menu.
  3. Click + Add report in the upper right hand corner of the information window 
    OR click on the Add report in-line icon in the left hand record menu.
  4. Select the report you want to link to this record in the Report drop-down list.
    If the report is not displayed in this list, verify the settings of the report, as described in the Prepare an Analytics Report section.
  5. Click the Save button.

The report will now be available for all records of this register.

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