Add a related report


Prepare an Analytics report so it can be related to a section

The first step to adding a related report to a section is creating the report in Analytics. To know the steps to follow for the creation of a new report, please consult the documentation on how to Create a report. Here are the conditions for an Analytics report to be linked to a section: 

  • The report must have a report filter based on the section you want to add the report to, for example Engagement Plan (more details in the Adding Filters to Your Reports documentation).
  • The report must be public for it to be available to all users. If the report is private, you won't be able to make it available to everyone in the form. To learn more about report permissions: Manage report options.



Add a report linked to a record

Once the report has been created according to the criteria set out above, you will be able to add it to the chosen form. Here are the steps to achieve this: 

  • Open a record of the section you are interested in. In the example above, you would have to open an Engagement plan;
  • Click Reports , then Add report;


  • The reports that are available are reports that meet all of the necessary criteria defined in the first section of this documentation. If one of your reports is not there, review the criteria listed above;
  • Choose the report you are interested in and press Save for the report to link to the section;
  • Note that this report will now be available in all records of this register. The data in the displayed report will be filtered on the record being viewed.


Permissions on related reports

If you are a standard user, you can only add and remove reports for yourself. If you believe a report should be visible to all users by default, please contact one of your organization's superusers to make the change globally.


If you are a superuser, you will have the option to make related reports available to your entire organization. Once you have chosen the report to add to the selection list, you will have the option to make it visible to only you, or to everyone. You will also be able to unlink reports from a section if it no longer meets your team's needs.


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