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The Borealis mobile app is a great time saver when working in the field. Borealis users no longer need to come back to their desktop to enter communications or add new contacts to Borealis; they can simply add them anytime, anywhere, using their smart phone. View our video


A few of the tasks that can be done with the mobile app

  • Record communication notes on the go
  • Prepare for meetings by looking up stakeholder information
  • Create stakeholders from your phone’s contact list
  • Create a new stakeholder from scanning a business card
  • Use your phone’s voice-to-text function to dictate information to the app
  • View, create and complete tasks
  • Create tasks to follow up on an issue observed or discussed with a stakeholder
  • Update your individuals, organisations, and communications

*Please note that not all information can be updated via the mobile app.*


Sections of Borealis software available on the mobile app.

  • Individuals
  • Organisations
  • Communications
  • Tasks


  • iOS
  • Android

How to use the Borealis mobile app

  1. Download the app from your App store
  2. Log in with your Boréalis username and password
  3. Roam free
  4. Use the app to keep your stakeholder data in Boréalis complete and up to date

Data security

Borealis integrates industry standard security practices into its software and extends them to data storage in a hardened and secure hosting infrastructure. Security is integrated into the architecture, policies and procedures of Borealis software. This also applies to our mobile app.

  • No data is stored locally on the device. As with the web version of Borealis, data is always located on our robustly secured server.
  • SAML authentication is supported. When users connect to the Borealis Application through the mobile app, they are redirected to the corporation’s login page to complete authentication. Once authenticated, the user is automatically redirected to Borealis.
  • All mobile routes go through the same Penetration testing procedure as the Web application. Borealis uses third-party security specialists and enterprise-class security solutions like Qualys to find and help us fix vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and the web application. Reports from the latest third-party intrusion tests, as well as Qualys reports, are available upon request.

To know more about our security standards:

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