Product Release - March 2023


Bulletin Widget

Have you ever wanted to share the content of your communications but have found that the current table widget has some limitations?

We are happy to introduce the Bulletin Widget. The Bulletin Widget joins the family of amazing widgets in Analytics with a design focused on providing you the chance to share large amounts of text in an efficient, flexible and visually compelling way.

Whether you need to share information with higher management, create a weekly report to share with your team, or even sharing information in a regularly scheduled email, the Bulletin Widget allows you to extract information contained in text based fields, in a professional format that does not restrict the amount of information shown.


Simple configuration

Configuring the Bulletin Widget follows the same logic as the table widget. Just select the columns to add and order them according to your preference.  


Fields Formatting

The Bulletin Widget includes some unique customization options that allow you to add your personal touch to the information shown:

  • Field display options
  • Field name overwrite
  • Text color
  • Text style

Other features

All of the other amazing features currently available in Analytics can also be used for the Bulletin Widget:

  • Calculated values
  • Custom filters
  • Scheduled reports
  • Export to PDF

As part of the current release, Bulletin widgets have been added to the the following system reports:

  • My Assignments
  • Stakeholder Engagement Dashboard
  • Grievances Review
  • Commitment Review

For more information about the Bulletin Widget click on the following link.


United States Elected Officials Database

We all recognize that Elected Officials are a crucial stakeholder group. Whether you need to obtain permits, comply with regulations, secure public funding, or advocate for a cause, elected officials can have a significant impact on your project. You may need to engage with these influential stakeholders before planning a project in their jurisdiction, or contact them in case of an emergency involving one of your assets.


The new Elected Officials Database can help you identify, engage, and build stronger relationships with government officials and drive positive outcomes for your organization. 



Main advantages

  • Provides up to date information on federal, state and local US Elected Officials without the need of manually entering information - updated monthly.
  • Client specific information depending on the characteristics of each project or asset and its geographical coverage.
  • All Elected officials records are clearly identified.
  • Seemless integration with other Borealis features such as:
    • Distribution lists and Smart Communications
    • Stakeholder Assessment
    • Engagement Plans
    • Land Management
    • Analytics

The new Elected Officials Database is a paid add-on. If you are interested in please contact your account director to discuss the costs and details of the setup process.


For more information about the US Elected Officials Database click on the following link.


Land Management Engagement Plans

The intricacies of land management processes for projects with a large geographical footprint can often be a daunting experience. The multiplicity of stakeholders, from landowners, to local, regional and state authorities, and the continuous engagement process required to manage their expectations, keep them informed and ensure all commitments made are fulfilled can easily get out of hand if not properly managed.


The new Engagement Plan feature for the Land Management Module allows you to leverage the geographic information to easily identify the relevant stakeholders you need to engage with based on specific parcels or stakeholder group.


It provides new and innovative features to select the required land elements and automatically link the related titleholders to you engagement plan, such as:

  • A new feature that allows you to directly draw points, lines or polygons.
  • The possibility to copy and paste a list of coordinates to generate a point, line or polygon; or
  • The option to choose one or more existing Company Assets.


For more information about the Land Management Engagement Plans click here.


Other improvements

Stakeholder register

  • When using the Link to activity action on a recurring activity, it is now possible to choose in which period the stakeholders join the activity.
  • There is a new field in the Individuals page named Link to staff member to note if a stakeholder is also a staff member.


  • The Description field now allows for even more formatting options:
    • Hyperlink
    • Numbered list
    • Heading styles
    • Undo/redo buttons


  • More information is now shown directly in the header of the communication
    • When the communication is an email, the header now shows if it was received or sent.
    • The date of the communication now displays a bit more, for example 8:30 AM (about 1 hour ago) or Sep 14 (6 months ago).

Outlook and Gmail

  • When updating an event, the status automatically is changed to Recorded if the event is in the past.


  • The global Create button now allows creating a new Widget or Report


  • It is now possible to create directly from the map an Organisation, Individual, Communication, Grievance or Parcel, based on an address.


  • New action Link to that allows linking an existing task to any Individual, Organisation, Communication, or Engagement plan. This action can also be performed on multiple tasks at once.
  • It is also possible to link an existing task directly from an Individual, Organisation, Communication, or Engagement plan. 

Distribution lists

  • Two new fields are now available in the Stakeholders grid. The date/time the stakeholder subscribed from the list and the date/time they unsubscribed.

Grievances, Issues and Commitments

  • New action Link to commitment was added to the list of Organisations and Individuals, to allow linking multiple stakeholders at once.

Smart communications

  • It is now possible to configure the footer of the email for subscription based emails.

Social investment

  • Strategic community investments: It is now possible to assign an Area of investment directly at the creation step.

Land access

  • In the Asset types section, it is now possible to define which types of rights are mandatory and which ones are optional when completing Impact Inventories.
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