US Database of Government Officials Feature

This feature synchronizes data with the Individuals and Organisations registers in the Stakeholder Engagement module to provide access to an up-to-date database of US government officials at the Federal, State and local (County and Municipal) levels.

It is updated monthly with certified government officials data and aims to facilitate stakeholder identification, as well as ease the strain of data keeping processes by reducing the need to manually add stakeholders or the need to manually update stakeholder status following elections and other events.

Additionally, this is integrated directly in the Land management module to display, at-a-glance, information for quick geographical positioning and be able to quickly identify the legislative districts and elected officials that may be of interest based on asset location.

What does this data cover?

The numbers under Individuals are added as Individuals in Borealis. The numbers under Number of related officials are added in the Officials section of the organisation they belong to and can then be converted to stakeholders.

  The stakeholder data covered in this feature is exclusive to the US and covers the following:

Federal level

Organisations Individuals Number of related officials Comment(s)
436 US Federal electoral districts 436 Representatives +/- 436 Chiefs of staff 1 representative per district
50 US Federal senate seats* 100 Senators +/- 100 Chiefs of staff 2 federal senators per state

* There are 100 US federal senate seats but we created 50 organizations of 2 seats each.

State level

Organisations Individuals Number of related officials Comment(s)
4873 US State electoral districts +/- 5392 State representatives
+/- 500 Chiefs of staff

Possible to have more than 1 representative per district.

No state electoral districts for Nebraska.

1942 US State senate districts +/- 1967 state senators
+/- 400 Chiefs of staff Possible to have more than 1 senator per seat.
48 US State agriculture department N/A +/- 750 officials, including offices, agencies, etc. Excludes Alaska, Rhode Island, and DC.
43 US State environment department N/A +/- 750 officials, including offices, agencies, etc. Includes DC.
Excludes the following: Hawaii, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin, Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Georgia.
51 US State transportation department N/A +/- 1300 officials, including offices, agencies, etc.  


Local level

Organisations Individuals Number of related officials Comment(s)
3077 US Counties

+/- 5000




County executives

+/- 60,000 officials

Some counties may have more than one elected official.

No counties for Connecticut and Rhode Island (no government structure associated to).

+/- 7000 US Municipalities +/- 7000

Municipal sheriff

Municipal mayor

Municipal clerk

+/- 110,000 officials

Some municipalities may have more than one elected official.

Municipalities with a population under 5000 are not covered.


Main Features

  • Provides continuously updated information on US government officials without the need to update them all manually following an election.
  • Stakeholders created are full fledged Borealis stakeholders and can be used like any other. They can be assessed, linked to Engagement plans or tasks, etc.
  • Electoral districts, State, Municipalities, and Counties geographical boundaries are also integrated into Borealis, providing a read-made integration with Land management. It allows to quickly identify the legislative districts and government officials that may have an interest based on your asset locations.
  • A new Officials section appears for Certified organizations. Officials can be converted into Certified Stakeholders through an in-line button located in the new section.
    • Clicking the button will automatically fill several fields.
      Following the creation process, new positions and contact information can be added.
    • When sending an email to any official using the Outlook add-in or email bcc, they will automatically be added as a certified stakeholder and linked to the created communication.

Note that there is no history associated with the Official sections and as soon as an official is no longer in office, they are removed from the section if you never interacted with them. If the official was created as a stakeholder, the stakeholder record and all the linked information will be kept.

Examples of Use cases

  • A new project planned over the course of several years is about to kick off in a specific geographical location in the US and several stakeholders are elected officials, as their electoral district covers the geographical location targeted for the project. This feature populates and keeps the list of elected officials up to date to provide reliable stakeholder information throughout the project.
  • Several stakeholders related to a project are government officials and need to be contacted for information and permits. This database provides visibility on who to contact and streamlines the communication process.
  • A project has been running for a few years and an election has just taken place. Following the election, several elected officials need to be contacted to create new relationships. This database being kept up to date allows users to quickly find the correct people to contact.
  • You are building your engagement plan and need to identify and interact with specific government officials from specific departments at the Federal and/or state level. You can use the database of government official to identify the officials and convert them to stakeholder as needed to add them to your engagement plan.

  • You need to reach out and interact with several officials at county and municipal level. You can look up the stakeholders you need to reach out too, and build an engagement plan or a distribution list to establish communications with them.

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