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The analytics widgets and reports are one of the main features that provide value to your data. Once data is entered in Borealis, the system has widgets and reports you can use to consult the most relevant information and use it to make informed and strategic decisions.

The bulletin widget allows for large amounts of text to be displayed and increases the visibility provided by the analytics reports without the restrictions found in the current table widgets. The widget was built from the ground up to provide flexibility and efficiency when viewing data and generating reports.


Main Features

The bulletin widget provides the same features as the other analytics widgets (e.g., can use any list and field as data source, create calculated values, apply filters, a simple configuration process, Analytics report) and adds a toolset you can use to export and customize PDF reports to present the widget data in different ways.

Going beyond the regular features, it also provides several new things:

  • The data presented in the bulletin widget is displayed in a visually appealing format to support displaying large amounts of text data efficiently.
  • Provide a professionally formatted solution to share qualitative information through scheduled reports to be sent by email to your team or management while highlighting important information.

Examples of Use Cases

  • Several milestones are coming up and the information needs to be presented in team meetings in a quick and efficient professional way.
  • Upper management needs to be kept in the loop regarding a specific project and you can use the bulletin widget to generate a report for them directly, regardless of whether they are a Borealis user or not. This report would then be available in PDF or email format and can be sent at scheduled intervals.
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