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  • Land management must be activated

The intricacies of land management processes for projects with a large geographical footprint can often lead to a daunting experience.

The engagement plans for land management are a quick and flexible way to start your engagement process by parcel of land or by stakeholder depending on your needs.

After parcels and land titles data have been imported to Borealis, this feature combines the stakeholder engagement module with the land management add-on to provide a solution for leveraging geographic information and visually identify your stakeholders while offering at-a-glance information on land access conditions for each parcel that is part of the engagement plan.

Main Features

Introduces a new type of engagement plan - Land Management - which provide a one step selection process for parcels that automatically identifies land owners and/or occupants to streamline your engagement process. 

You can select parcels that are affected by your plan from the Land Management add-on:

  • By directly drawing points, a line, or a polygon on the map to identify the targeted area.
  • By entering or pasting a list of coordinates for the targeted area to generate a list of points, a line, or a polygon.
  • By selecting one of more Company assets.

When an Engagement plan is of the type Land management, the record page has a few differences in the Planning section to support the selection process:

  • The Planning > Parcel selection parameter presents the Select parcels action and shows the parameters that were used to select the parcels.
  • The Planning > Stakeholders page also shows the parcels linked in the engagement plan.
  • The Parcels list appears in the Planning section along with the titleholders and/or occupants that were selected.

After selecting the parcel(s), you can then use this feature to automatically link the titleholders and/or occupants of the selected parcels to your engagement plan. Afterwards, you can use engagement plans as usual to carry out your engagement process.

Examples of Use Cases

  • A project is about to kickoff and you need to contact or consult a list of landowners or occupants based on the geographical location of land they own or live in.
  • A maintenance operation on an asset owned by your company is about to take place, you need to quickly and reliably identify and contact every landowner, occupant, or other stakeholder that will be affected by the maintenance operation and validate whether any specific condition need to be honored.
  • A project has been underway and at regular intervals you want to send an information packet to all residents of a targeted geographical area to inform them of the project plan for the next six months and the next year while reminding them on where to find the most up to date information and how to get in touch with your company.
  • A potential project is about to kickoff to install a new electric line in an area and you need to consult all land owners of a targeted geographical area before moving to the next phase of the project.





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