Certified Stakeholders


Staffers and representatives synched through the US Database of Elected Officials feature have several fields already filled in with certified data.

While the representatives are automatically loaded as Certified Stakeholders in the system, the staffers can be converted into Certified Stakeholders using the convert button located in either the staffer section of the Organisation page or in the staffer section of their representative's Individual page.

To maintain the reliability of the data synchronized, a few limitations have been put in place for Certified Stakeholders:

  • They cannot be merged into another stakeholder, but another stakeholder can be merged into them.
  • They cannot be deleted from the system, but can be deactivated.
  • The fields automatically populated from this database cannot be edited.
  • The Categorization field is special. The value added from the database cannot be removed, but other values can be added.

Certified Contact Information:

  • Cannot be deleted.
  • Cannot be edited.
  • They can still be selected as main contact information, and archived.

Certified addresses:

  • Cannot be deleted.
  • Cannot be edited.
  • They can still be selected as main address, and archived.


  • Populated fields cannot be edited.
  • Position fields can be overwritten.
  • Cannot be merged into another position, but another position can be merged into them.

Convert a Staffer into a Certified Stakeholder

Staffers can be either converted from the Organisation page or the representative's individual page.

  1. Navigate to the representative or organisation whose staffer you want to convert into a stakeholder.
  2. Mouseover the staffer you want to convert and click the Create as stakeholder button.
  3. Click the Create button in the new window.
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