Select Parcels to add to a Land Management Engagement Plan

  1. Navigate to your Engagement plan in the Stakeholder Engagement module.
  2. Click the Select parcels menu option from the Actions menu.
    OR Click the Parcel selection parameters in the left-hand record menu and click Select parcels.
    Note that if these options are not available, that is because your engagement plan is not of the type Land Management.
  3. Specify information for each field.
    Note that the Filter type field defines how the parcels are selected.
  4. Click the Add parcels button.

Select a Parcel using Company assets overlap

Requirement: Company asset geographical information must have been imported in the system.

When selecting a parcel of land using Company assets overlap in the Filter type field, you will need to specify the company asset(s) to add using the Company assets fields.

Select a Parcel using Geography

When selecting a parcel of land using Enter geography in the Filter type field, several options become available to select parcels of land.

You can copy and paste the coordinates of the parcels using the Paste coordinates function to automatically draw the geometry.

You can also directly draw geometry by clicking on the map to add coordinates.

  1. Click the Edit button on the map.
  2. Click on the map to draw your geometry.
  3. Click on the check button to end the drawing process.

You can choose your Geometry type:

  • Polygon
  • Lines
  • List of points
  • Point
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