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After logging in, you will be presented with your initial page. Several menu options are available from the Borealis Mobile App pages:

  1. The List sorting menu lets you select how the information is displayed on the page.
  2. The Quick Filter menu lets you select from a list of filters to quickly access information.
  3. The Navigation menu lets you access the different functionalities, settings, and registers available in the app.
  4. The Create button lets you create records from the mobile app (Communications, Organisations, Individuals, Tasks)
  5. The Search menu lets you perform a quick text search.

Use the List Sorting menu to sort through information

The list sorting menu can be used to control the order in which the information will be displayed. 

To change the list option, press on the List Sorting drop-down list and select an alternative sorting option.

Use the Quick Filter Menu to Filter by Criteria

The Quick Filter menu is used to filter though the application data and display specific data pertaining to the selected filter.

Several filters are available and can be selected by pressing on the Quick Filter menu and then selecting a new filter. Multiple filters can be combined to narrow the results further.

Use the Search Menu to Find Information

You can find information from the app by using the different search settings found in the Search menu.

  1. From the datatype drop-down list, select the type of information you are looking for. When unsure, you can use Entire application
  2. Press the Search field and enter the information you are looking for.
    The information displayed in the list under the search field will be narrowed down as you type.
  3. Press the desired search result to open the record.
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