Change the Access Permission of a Widget

Required profiles: Analytics user or superuser

The Access permission of widgets determines who can access your widgets in Borealis and view the information presented in them. Widget access works with report access to control who can view the data of a report. If you want to share a widget with your colleagues, make sure the widget access status is set to Public.
Widgets can have 3 possible Access permissions but you can only change them to either Private or Public:

  • Private: Widgets are for your own use; other users do not see them.
  • Public: Widgets are available to other users; they can see them but are not allowed to modify them.
  • System: Widgets are built in the system and maintained by Borealis. They are a starting point to create your own widgets but they cannot be directly deleted or modified; they must be duplicated before they can be edited.

Change the Access Permission of a widget

  1. Navigate to the Widgets section of Analytics.
  2. Select and open the widget for which you want to change Access.
  3. Click on the Actions (burger) menu.
  4. Select either the Private or Public option under Access.

A confirmation message will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

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