Local Employment and Procurement Feature

Supporting and fostering local communities can be a part of your engagement plan or the result of a commitment. The Local Employment and Procurement Add-on lets you track actions regarding employment and procurement in the surrounding areas where your company is operating and produce reports that demonstrate your level of engagement towards the community in those areas.


This add-on aims to assist you in tracking job offers, contracts, local businesses, candidates and their education and experience. It groups the tools related to local employment for this add-on under the new engagement plan "Job offers" and the tools regarding the local procurement under organisations.

Examples of Use Cases

  • Your company is operating in a region where they have taken a social commitment towards the local communities. To track and follow-up on this social commitment, you are using the add-on to manage several job offers and the selected/rejected candidates applying for those job offers. You can then use the Analytics tools to generate a report on the number of job offers as well as contracts awarded by candidate location and by contract amount. This report can be used to demonstrate the positive economic impact of your local employment strategy in the communities surrounding your operations.
  • Your company is operating in a region and they are leveraging the skills and labors of the local industries to build up and maintain their supply chains. Several key components need to be maintained and requires several separate contracts aimed at different industrial sectors. You can use this add-on to track the local organizations, as businesses, and manage contracts that are awarded to those businesses. You can then use the Analytics tools to generate a report on the performance of your local procurement programs by tracking the number of contracts, the geographical distribution of local business that were awarded contracts, and the overall impact your strategy has had on the economy of the local communities.

Main Features

  • Create individuals and track them as Candidates.
  • Create organizations and track them as Businesses.
  • Track contracts information such as Position, Type, Value, Start and End dates.
  • Manage awarded contracts and track information regarding Purchase orders, Contract amounts, and Date awarded.
  • Use Job Offer engagement plans to track local jobs and identify potential candidates either Manually, based on competencies and location, or by creating an analytics widget.
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