Configuring SAML with Microsoft Entra

This article shows how to configure SAML integration in both Single Sign On for service provider (Borealis) and Microsoft Entra to use Microsoft Entra ID as the identity provider (idp)

Download the service provider xml file

1. Log in to Borealis 

2. Go to Users > Authentication settings 

3. Select SAML > Actions on the upper right part of the system.

4. Download the service_provider.xml

Note: Download this xml file first before activating SAML to avoid being kicked out if your user account is not a SAML account. If the system forced you out before you were able to download the file, please contact Borealis.

Set up SAML in Microsoft Entra

To set up SAML in Microsoft Entra:

1. Log in to Microsoft Entra as a Global Admin in the Microsoft Entra admin center.

2. Go to the Microsoft Entra ID tab > Enterprise application.

3. Select the borealis application if it is available. Create a new application if none exists.


4. Click Create your own application

5. App's name is Borealis. Select Integrate any other application you don’t find in the gallery (Non-gallery). Then click Create.


7. Select Single sign-on > SAML


8. Upload metadata file (service_provider.xml)
Changes will be visible below after uploading the metadata file.


9. Download the Certificate (Base64) and send it to Borealis. 

When creating users and groups in Borealis, make sure the given name and all parameters are same.





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