Add Additional Parcels Covered to your Land Agreement

After creating a land agreement, you may find yourself adding or changing the parcels covered by the land agreement, either to correct a misunderstanding or because the stakeholder owns several parcels of land that should be included in the same land agreement.

Add Additional Parcels to your Land Agreement

  1. Navigate to Agreements in Land access.
  2. Open the land agreement to which you want to add parcels to.
  3. In the left hand record menu, select Parcels covered.
  4. Click the + Add inline button or the + Add in the information window.
  5. Select either Create a new record or Link an existing record.
    • Create a new record:  This option allows you to create a new parcel by filling in the parcel information in the Add-parcels covered window. If you are creating a new parcel, you may need to create a land title to record the information on who owns the parcel.
    • Link an existing record: This option lets you select an existing parcel from the Select drop down list. 
  6. Click either the Save or Link button.

When adding additional parcels, their stakeholders are not automatically added. You will need to go to the Agreement information page and add them manually with the Edit button.

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