Add Conditions to Your Land Agreements

Certain agreements will come with land access conditions you will want to record to make sure that they are respected over the lifetime of the agreement. They could be linked to the entry protocol, access conditions or any other type of conditions you want to track.

Conditions added to a land agreement can also be viewed directly from the record page of the parcel affected by the land agreement.

Add a Condition to your Land Agreement

  1. Navigate to Agreements in Land access.
  2. Open the land agreement to which you want to add conditions to.
  3. in the left hand record menu, select Conditions.
  4. Click the + Add inline button or the + Add in the information window.
  5. Specify information in the Add - Conditions window.
    • Condition type: Single selection drop-down list. Can also be used to create new condition types with the + button.
    • Status: Single selection drop-down list used to indicate whether the condition is Active or Expired.
    • Condition Details: Description of the condition.
    • Start Date: Date at which the condition becomes active.
    • End Date: Date at which the conditions is no longer active.
  6. Click the Save button.
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