Add Related Engagements to Your Land Agreement

During the land agreement negotiation several communications can be exchanged. This section lets you add communications related to the land agreement to assist with regulations, agreement history, and general data keeping purposes.

Add Communications to Your Land Agreement Record

  1. Navigate to Agreements in Land access
  2. Open the land agreement to which you want to add related engagements to.
  3. In the Left hand record menu, select Related Engagements.
  4. Click the + Add inline button or the + Add in the information window.
  5. Select either Create a new record or Link an existing record.
    • Create a new record: This option allows you to create a new communication by filling in the communication information in the Add-communications window.
    • Link an existing record: This option lets you select an existing communication from the Select drop down list. 
  6. Click either the Save or Link button.
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