Land Agreement Feature Information

When managing projects that have impacts on a specified territory, you will have to make sure the stakeholders who own or reside on that territory are on board with your project.

This creates a situation where you need to engage with stakeholders to make deals to accommodate several situations where land access or land usage rights are required.

You can track the information related to land agreements from negotiation, to payment instalments, along with renewals in Borealis. This lets your organization keep detailed records of the deal and information directly related to the land agreement and ensure everything is up-to-date and commitments are met.

To be able to use some of the parcel related features of the Land Agreement add-on, you need to have uploaded the following in your system:

Main Features

Examples of Use Cases 

  • You are in charge of a project that requires land access to several parcels of land in a region. You proceed to carry out negotiations with your team to get access rights and pay compensations to the stakeholders holding the deeds to the land. As the negotiations begin, you and your team create land agreements in Borealis so you can track the progress of the negotiations for each relevant parcels. When the negotiations have been completed, the land agreements are updated in Borealis and your organization can then track and manage the payment instalments that will be paid off to the land owners as compensation to access their land.
  • Your organization wants to track the properties the multiple agreements based on parcels related to a project. This includes the current status of the agreement negotiation (displayed on a map), specific conditions and potential payments made to the landowners.
  • Your organization needs to manage the process of accessing the landowners' properties. This includes the specific conditions to access the parcels details on the land owners rights and the company commitments made over time.




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