Add Staff Members to One or Several Engagement Plans

Engagement plans being carried out with several staff members, you will at times have to add members of your team to an engagement plan as team members / collaborators or replace the team members that have already been added to your engagement plan.

This can be done individually from Team members / Collaborators under Planning in the left hand record menu or in batch as follows.

Select and Add Multiple Staff Members to an Engagement Plan

  1. Navigate to Engagement plan in Stakeholder Engagement.
  2. Click the Select multiple button in the upper right hand corner of the information page.
  3. Select one or several engagement plans to which you want to add staff members to.
  4. Click the Add team members / collaborators button.
  5. In the Add team members / collaborators window, select the team members to add from the Team member / Collaborator drop-down list.
    If you are overwriting the current team, you can flag Overwrite all team members / collaborators? to replace the team members / collaborators assigned to the selected engagement plans.
  6. Click the Save button.
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