Introduction to the Engagement Component

The Engagement component allows to schedule strategic consultations in advance with the help of Engagement Plans. Moreover, it allows field and corporation teams to record their meetings and informal consultations in addition to the commitments taken during the consultations. These facilitate the identification and follow up of the many potential and real issues per date and community. This component plays a role of institutional memory for the company managers who cannot participate in all meetings, but must be aware of the main items to prevent certain impacts on projects.

Through the Engagement component, a quick access to the Issues, Grievances and Commitments Registers is also possible. It is therefore possible to create and follow up each of these information. For the grievances and issues, it is possible to keep track of the investigation process and the closure for each records.

This component includes the following forms:

  • Engagement Plans
  • Communications
  • Issues
  • Grievances
  • Commitments
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