Create and Edit Screening Policies


A Screening Policy is the set of prerequisites (criteria) that must be met by the Community Contribution or Strategic Social Investment request before it is considered by a Review Committee.

Adding or changing records in the Screening Policy register may be necessary if your company revises its investment strategy or defines a new investment plan (Activities 1 or 2 in the Social Investment Planning Cycle). 

Create and Edit a Screening Policy

Create a Screening Policy

  1. Click on the social investment icon and select ‘Screening policies’ under the 'Governance' menu.
  2. Click the '+ create' button and a new record entry will open.
  3. Give your screening policy a 'title' and assign it to  a 'project'
  4. Click 'save and view'
  5. Click the '+ Criteria' and develop your screening policies one by one. 
  6. Click 'save and view' or select the 'add another' box to create many records sequentially, the new record entry will remain open until you are finished creating. 

Edit a Screening Policy

  1. Click on the social investment icon and select 'Screening policies' below the ‘Governance'' menu.
  2. Locate the record to edit, and select it, opening the record
  3. Hover to the right side of the record and select the 'edit' button - or double click on any field
  4. Editable fields will appear in white, you can edit the record as required 
  5. Click 'save' => new information will appear immediately 

Workflow for Screening Policies

After you add a new 'screening policy' record, the system automatically sets the status to active. The active status means that the screening policy is still in use.

If the screening policy is no longer required select ‘deactivate’ below the ‘Workflow’ menu. This will not impact any contributions that have already been screened using this policy. However, when the status is deactivated, you will not be able to make changes to the record or select as a screening policy for any future community contributions.

To reactivate the screening policy, select 'reactivate' below the ‘workflow’ menu, you will now be able to make changes to the record.

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