Introduction to the Recruitment Process Component

The recruitment process is designed to track recruitment campaigns initiated to communicate job offers to local candidates. The Job Offers register allows all of the following details to be entered, tracked, and managed: multiple job offers from the company or its sub-contractors, the list of candidates applying for the job, screening activities, screening results and contracts. The final feature of the Recruitment Process section involves management of contracts issued in conjunction with Local Employment strategies. The Contracts register provides a means for companies to easily track all contracts attributed through the various job offers, along with their associated terms of employment, for any Local Employment initiatives associated with a project.

  • Recruitment campaigns register: lists the engagement activities undertaken to find individuals (from local communities) who possess the competencies, experience and other attributes necessary for positions advertised in job offers.
  • Job offers register: tracks each of the temporary, part-time, permanent or contract positions available to be filled as part of a local employment program.
  • Contracts register: tracks each contract awarded to successful candidates.
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