Introduction to the Investment Portfolio Component

The investment portfolio is used to manage the implementation of the Social Investment program. First, Community Contributions are used to capture and manage requests for contributions such as donations, sponsorships or scholarships. These queries are relatively straightforward in that they only involve a one-off contribution to an external group.

In addition, Strategic Community Investments serve to capture, assess and manage requests for contributions that are broader and generally involve the definition of project milestones and potentially contracts. These requests are often included within larger development programs and are typically delivered in phases and locations. However, both community contributions and strategic community investments involve a rigorous analysis of the expected benefits according to the needs of the communities and that the evaluation be based on the screening criteria and budgets defined at the governance level of the program.

Finally, the third component keeps track of all Capacity Building activities offered by the company to individuals, including details on associated costs, skills acquired as well as feedback from participants.

  • Community Contributions
  • Strategic Community Investments
  • Capacity Building
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