Introduction to Studies


A study is a set of socio-economic surveys of households. It is generally limited in time and it is used to establish a socio-economic profile of the population for a specific period.

To measure the socio-economic impacts of a project, a first study is carried out before the start of the project and serves as the basis for comparison. Subsequent studies will assess the evolution over time of different recorded data in a survey (data on health, education or income sources eg.)

Once created, and as long as the status is "Active" you may include different surveys.


Create a study


The study is created from the Social Baseline module in the Surveys - Studies section.

Enter the title (choose a meaningful title eg with the year of production).
Add a description and objectives of the study.
Indicate the responsible organizations that will carry out the surveys, the start and end dates, as well as the methodology used, if known.

Once stored, the status of the study is Active, it is available for association with surveys, as well as the data in the form can be updated.

As the surveys are related to a study, we will be able to consult the corresponding study, and the data collected during the surveys.

Once the study is finished, meaning that all the information and all the investigations carried out under it have been stored, you can disable the study using the corresponding action. Once the study is Inactive, it will not be possible to modify its data, or associate it with other surveys.

If the study for any reason should be modified later, you can reactivate it, through the corresponding action.

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