Workflow of the Environmental Monitoring Module



Numerous steps need to be taken before samples can be collected on the ground. The Setup component allows companies to list the environmental parameters that will be measured and to register monitoring stations for each of these parameters. Monitoring programs can be defined, which is useful for reporting and assigning responsibilities to different groups.

The Setup component also allows environmental standards to be defined in the system so that alerts and notifications can be generated based on sample results in order to monitor environmental compliance. It allows the registration of laboratories that will be involved in the handling of samples and the creation of sampling templates that will be followed to ensure the chain of custody.

  • Monitoring Programs
  • Parameters
  • Monitoring Stations
  • Standards
  • Laboratories
  • Sampling Templates
  • Upload Monitoring Stations and Standards


Once monitoring programs have been set up and the monitoring stations have started collecting data, the Monitoring component tracks the details and results for each sample collected. Due to the large volume of samples that are normally taken, various reports are available that can be useful to understanding the trends associated with each parameter. If an environmental standard is breached, an alert will be triggered and will have to be managed as defined in the setup process. Recent and open alerts can also be viewed on the map in order to understand spatial trends and help with communications management.

  • Data Loader
  • Samples
  • Alerts
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