Workflow for Tendering

This process starts after a new opportunity to source goods or services from local businesses has been identified.

1.  Register Opportunity Details & Communicate: Create a new record in the opportunities register and enter the details. At this point, you can link the opportunity to a record in the communication campaign register to show how the opportunity was communicated to the community

2.  Assign Businesses to the Opportunity: You may find that there are already businesses listed in the businesses register. After a business is listed in the businesses register, they can be assigned to an opportunity

2a. Enter business Details: If you receive tenders from local businesses that have not been registered in the local business development program, you may need to enter the details of any new local business into the organisations register (in the stakeholder module). Once in the organisations register, you can add them as new businesses in the businesses register.

3.  Evaluate Businesses and Tenders: When the request for the tender period is closed, evaluate each tender by grading each criterion from the tender evaluation policy (using the evaluation scores table on the opportunity form).

- Prior to screening businesses, the relevant tender evaluation policy (and associated criteria) must be set up in the tender evaluation policies register

4.  Document Awarded Contracts: After you identify each successful business, enter the contract in the Contracts Table on the Opportunity form.

5.  Monitor Contracts: Periodically, during the life of the contract and after the contract is finished, you can record the details of reviews, which determine (among other things) how a business is performing. Use the contracts review table in the contracts register to record the results of these reviews.


The Tendering component includes the following registers: 

  • Campaigns register; lists the engagement activities undertaken to find local businesses that possess the competencies, experience and other attributes necessary for advertised opportunities
  • Opportunities register; tracks each of the opportunities to source goods or services from local businesses
  • Contracts register; tracks each contract awarded to businesses for a successful tender
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