Capture a Package within the Entitlement Matrix for Payments using Rates

First you need to capture a package with an “attribution method – according to criteria”, a “impact type – asset” and choose the asset type (crop, tree, land parcel or structure). You have to create a separate package for each asset type when applicable.

Then once the package has been saved and the matrix refreshed, you can add a package item by selecting your package with the option “Cash: Rate based”. The “Quantity (Rate multiplier)” should remain at 1 unless if for some reason you need to capture a matrix in which offers a consistent increase on rates which is unusual. Then you need to define what percentage of the rate should be given to the owner(s) and what percentage should go to the user(s) (tenants, occupants, etc.). By experience, we have often seen for crops and trees (0% owner, 100% user), and for structures and land parcels (100% owner, 0% user), but you might have different sets of rules that apply. The frequency field is filled to indicate if the payment will be completed using a single instalment or using multiple instalments. At this stage, it’s just about making the choice available in the drop-down list later on in the process, as the final agreement and decision on number of instalments is captured for each stakeholder in each compensation file record. If multiple instalments are absolutely out of the question, just choose “Single payment” and indicate a maximum duration of “1d”. If multiple instalments are possible, leave the options possible and indicate a maximum duration which makes sense, for example “Annual and 5y maximum duration”. Again this is just about setting the boundaries as the individual agreement is captured in each compensation file record. Make sure to activate the package once you’ve completed the data entry part.

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