Capture a Fixed Package within the entitlement matrix that will be offered either to everyone or under specific circumstances at the time of payment

There are many options to do this. In the case of a single payment type of compensation you can capture a package with an “attribution method – everyone”. Then once the package has been saved and the matrix refreshed, you can add a package item by selecting your package with the option “Cash-Fixed”. You can then enter an amount which will actually be given to all stakeholders compensated using this matrix as a one-off addition to their other packages.

Another possibility is to create a package item with the option “Cash-Recurrent” in the case of compensation using multiple instalments. Then in the compensation file record when defining the instalment parameters, there should be a synchronisation between what’s captured for the assets and for this package.

Lastly, the same idea could apply but using an in-kind item should the item offered to everyone be non-monetary.

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