Understand how In-Kinds Delivery Stages impact the global delivery

An in-kind delivery will be considered as a single record in the register, even when multiple delivery stages are applicable. So it’s likely that you have a few delivery stages for a single in-kind. For example for a resettlement, you might track the end of the construction of the new house, the date when the former house was emptied or destroyed and the date that the resettlement is fully completed. What happens with the delivery stages is that only once the last one has been marked as delivered, then the in-kind delivery record can be marked as completely delivered by the system.

In addition, delivery stages impact the in-kind delivery by setting out some of the target dates for each stage. Actually the settings input in the compensation file record will determine the final delivery stage date for the in-kind, but using the lead time parameter on each delivery stage, the system will set back some of the initial stages target dates in order for you to remain compliant with your targets.

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