Add a Compensation File Record

It may happen that compensation has to be made for something else than for an impacted asset – for example it could be for a grievance, a disturbance allowance of some kind, etc. In such case it does not make sense to capture an impact inventory record in order for it to enter the compensation process.

Therefore it is possible to manually add a compensation file record directly from the register, using the add button. In order for this process to make sense, there must be provision for a manual package within the entitlement matrix, allowing you to choose it. Should the amount to be paid be fixed, then you can directly proceed with the compensation file approval’s process without any further modifications. However at times it might be necessary to manually adapt the amount to be paid by editing the compensation file, editing the item to be paid and using the workflow action to change the amount. After entering a justification, the record can be saved and the reason gets stored under the “action history” tab for auditing reasons.

Alternatively, should there be no manual package available in the entitlement matrix, you could manually add an “other asset” directly in the compensation file record, and this would allow you to proceed until payment is completed. 

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