Understand Forms and Fields

Forms are part of the structure of Borealis and are viewed through records which are are accessed from list pages. They contain and display the information of a record. You can add new information or edit the existing information to keep it up-to-date and relevant to you and your team.

Forms Layout

Forms in Borealis have the same basic layout:

  1. The Information page: This section contains information on the record. There are several information pages available for a record and they can be accessed from the left hand menu.
  2. The left hand menu: This is the navigation menu of a record. Its content is dependent on the type of record you are viewing and which modules are used by your company.
  3. The Quick view pane: This is a customizable pane in which users can quickly access filtered information relevant to their day-to-day tasks.


Working with Fields

When you edit or enter new information in the system, you will need to use the following field types found throughout the Borealis application.

Note that if you use the Import wizard to import new data or edit existing information, the fields found in the forms can be generally found in the Excel template.

Text Boxes

Text boxes are fields where you can enter or paste words, phrases, or digits. Examples of this are names, titles, description, or numbers. Each text box has different maximum number of characters.

There are several methods you can use to enter information and fill out text boxes in forms:

While each method has limitations, they also have advantages, for example:

  • When you import data through one of the Excel templates, you can import uniformed data in batch and achieve results quickly. You can even work with limited internet access and upload the file later on when your network connection is working properly.
  • Copying and pasting data directly in the application allows you to keep the formatting from your original document, but you can also manually paste the data without the original formatting.

Drop-down Lists and Multi-select lists

Drop-down lists are fields identified by an arrow on the right where you can click on the field to open an associated list populated with elements to choose from. You can filter through the options by typing characters in the field.  You can then mouseover the element of the drop-down list you want to select and click on it. Your selection will then be entered in the field. You can click the X to the right of the field to clear its content.

The general workings are similar to a drop-down list but you can select multiple values to add to the field, one after the other. You can clear the content of a multi-select list by clicking the X to the right of the field or you can delete individual elements in the field by mousing over the element and click the - (remove) icon.

Date Boxes

Date boxes are fields where you can click to open a UI element similar to a calendar. You can then select the date manually to select Today if you want to select today's date. Alternatively, you can directly type the date in the field, using the DD-MM-YYYY format .

Working with Tables

A record can be linked to one or several tables of related information. There are several options to work with them:

  • You can sort or filter the information by clicking on the column header.
  • You can click on the ... (ellipsis) menu for additional options:
    • You can export the list of records to Excel
    • In some tables, you ca select multiple records at the same time to perform batch updates.
  • You can scroll in the table vertically and horizontally.
  • You can view, and usually edit, the details of a record by clicking on the corresponding line.
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