Understand Forms and Fields

Forms layout

All forms have the same layout consisting of the summary area (1) and the tab area (2), as shown in the following figure. The content of these areas will change depending on which form you are in.

Tips: The workflow and actions available on top-right corner change based on record type, record status and your profile.

On the right-hand side of the screen, there are 5 options available, which are either collapse or expended based on your screen width (3)

  • Reports: shows reports that can be generated for the record (e.g Detailed Reports)
  • Tasks: allows adding tasks to be achieved regarding the record
  • Documents: allows adding documents to a record. In the case that you need to attach a document of any type (pdf, xls, jpeg, etc.) to a record you can use the Document tool on the right-hand side. To do so, click on the Document tool and then Upload. From there you can either Drag & drop a file or select files from your computer. 
  • Comments: allows adding a comment regarding the record
  • Action History: shows what action was performed, when and by who on the record such as the creation of a new record, edition of the record, etc.

 Here is the menu that appears when the right section is not displayed:



Working with Fields

You will need to use the following types of fields to enter or change information throughout the Boréalis application.

Text Boxes

Text boxes allow you to enter a word, phrase or series of digits (such as a name, title, short description or document number); each text box differs in how much information it will allow you to enter.

Drop-down Lists

By clicking on the arrow at the right of the field you get a drop-down list to choose from, as shown below. If you wish to narrow down the options listed, enter three or more characters into the field. Once the option that you want is displayed, click on it. This enters your choice into the field.

Multiple-Select Lists

In the multiple-select field, click on the arrow at the right of the field to get a list of the values. Select all the desired values by clicking on them. As a result, the selected values will appear as the figure below. To delete information from a Multiple-select field simply click the minus sign next to a value.

Working with Fields

You will need to use the following types of fields to enter or change information throughout the Boréalis application.

Date Boxes

If you click in a Date box, a calendar window will open. Select the date or click Today if you want to enter today's date. You can also directly type the date in the field, using the format DD-MM-YYYY.

Working with Tables

A record can be linked to one or more tables of related information. Here are the different possible features:

  • The information can be sorted or filtered. Double-click on the column header to display the menu with the possible options.
  • From the menu mceclip8.png :
    • The list of records can be exported in Excel format
    • Multiple selections are possible to perform some group update processing.
  • Use the scroll bar to scroll through the contents of the table on the left and right.
  • To view the detail of a record, click on the corresponding line. Depending on the type of information in relation, it may be possible to modify the values by double-clicking in this window or by clicking on the associated hyperlink, if necessary.

Inserting an Image into a Record

You can upload a picture into a record. To do so click the image box and select either Choose from a document or Upload picture option. If you choose to upload a picture, a window will open. You can then drag and drop a picture directly into that window or follow the instruction to upload a file.



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