Introduction to the Job Offers Register

A job offer is a temporary, part-time, permanent or contract position available to be filled as part of a local employment program.

This register allows to manage the details of each job offer in the local employment program, and additionally:

  • View each competency that a candidate needs to possess to be eligible
  • Add each candidate that is being considered for the position
  • Score each candidate on each criteria in the relevant screening policy
  • Record the details of each contract of employment to a candidate for a specific job offer
  • Record feedback received from the community about the recruitment process for a job offer
  • Record each benefit observed in a local community, which is attributable to a job offer being filled by a member of the community

Working with this register

To work with this register, from the application menu, navigate to Modules > Local Employment > Recruitment Process > Job Offers.

A job offer also uses records from the organizations register and the positions register in the Boréalis Stakeholder Engagement Module. There must be at least one active record setup in one of these registers before you can create a job offer. When you select the business, in the general information section, the position can be only one that is already set up for the corresponding organization.  


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